Wahana Masyarakat Tani dan Nelayan Indonesia
Indonesian Farmer and Fisher Society Organization
Masuk Daftar Menjadi Anggota Daftar Untuk Beli Komoditi


Why women should be empowered? struggling for resources? Or for any other reason?

To my practical experiences, resources and other matterial reason are only the object. But, the most important subject is where women can become a champion or can playing a significant role in the decision making process. To the great extend, how to making possible that their decision is accepted. In this context, we put that the objective of empowering women is how women may having equal position in a decision making process in the family as well as in the society.
Knowledge and Life skill are the two keywords and the most prority subject that has to be put into action in the empowering women agendas. In the very tight culture and tradition, where power is in the hand of men and the rest is considered as resources, then to lifting the capacity of women to become economic players is such very crucial. By increasing knowledge and skill, women as individual or as a collective group can create ideas and having new generating income activities. When women achieve in having own economic activity and have raised their family income, by culture and social system they automaticaly accepted to become critical mass and key player in the decision making in the family and society as well. At this point, women gain their power.