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Famers in Agroforestry Edit

Smallholder Famers in Agroforestry

 For farmers, in the tradisional context, integrating trees into farm is not a something special. But it is, to do it commercially, there are still some obstacles presents in the field. As we are all aware, that shifting from one crop to another crop, is a kind of hard process for farmers. Particularly for taking into a decision to implement it in the field. Surely, this is related to the risk they don’t know they may facing. They don’t want jumping without reserve.

From my observation, there are some challenges for farmers to adopt an agroforestry into farming; to integrating trees into farm. To name it among others ; less information about successful examples, unfamiliarity with technologies, competing in land use between trees, crops and animal, cannot afford adoption or startup cost, lack of equipment, insufficient land availability, lack of seeds sources. Despite, huge opportunity is presents for products from agroforestry and a growing population that demanding products, as well enable governments policy on land reform.

The question is how can we support farmers to do more in trees in their farm?

Motivating farmers and facilitating to bridging the gabs between obstacles and opportunities to raising their income. So that farmers will integrate forestry in their farms.