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All you need to know about West African Microfinance Training Institute and how to get Support.

West African Microfinance Training Institute is an independent, objective training and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. It helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to business activities evaluation.

Our our team are authorized to have full, free and unrestricted access to information including records of your company and are free to review and evaluate all policies, procedures, and practices for any aspect of your business.

We perform various training, consulting and advisory and support services including internal and external training, accounting, consulting services, risk training, corporate reporting, and lots of other services. Each and every of them is aimed at your company’s financial success.

We budget between 200 and 600 hours for a typical training, depending on the size and complexity of your business. We normally have one trainingor leading the training, and our team will sometimes have more than one training in process at a time, so a training could take from two months to six months to complete.

Other Questions

The answers on most common questions are described bellow.

If you would like to order one of our training services, all you have to do is to contact the Office of West African Microfinance Training Institute Services. Our managers will be happy to discuss the request to determine a mutually convenient time. Please use the contact data located on our website or leave an appointment request.

our team are not specifically searching for the existence of fraud when performing trainings. We are more concerned with ensuring that adequate systems of internal control exist to reduce the risk of fraud. In situations where internal controls are weak, our testing is designed to determine if indications of fraud exist.

trainings primarily address accountability and sometimes efficiency issues. The key questions our team try to answer are whether adequate records were maintained, funds were appropriately spent, and amounts properly recorded or not. training projects account for approximately twenty-five percent of staff time.

Prior to the end of the fieldwork, the training staff will conduct a meeting, or provide through other forms of communication, the tentative findings with departmental management responsible for the area. A written synopsis of the tentative findings may be provided to the subject or client.

trainings are selected through a risk assessment process. There are several factors affecting the activities, departments, functions or units selected to be traininged. For example, we assess the risk or exposure to loss that any given activity, department, function, or unit represents to your business.

For each training, there will generally be an individual within your organization who will act as our main contact for the duration of the training. The main contact will be responsible for meeting with us to help determine the scope of the training. Length of meetings can vary depending on the subject matter.

The overall goal of our training is to provide the department, unit or function being reviewed with an assessment of their control environment and compliance with appropriate policies, procedures, laws, regulations and mandates of senior management and the Corporation.

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